Wildfang and Nordstrom Team Up For Genderfluid Fashion Collaboration


As we close out the month of May and approach Pride Month, lifestyle brand Wildfang announced that they will have an exclusive collaboration with Nordstrom and will feature genderfluid jumpsuits, button-ups, blazers, statement tees, and accessories in a body-diverse size range (up to size 4X) from $12-$89.

What I love most about fashion is that there are no real rules. Gone are the days of dressing to “flatter” certain parts of your body and hiding parts of yourself deemed “unflattering.” The same goes with gender norms and what women, men, and nonbinary people are “supposed” to look and dress like!

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Wildfang is a fashion lifestyle brand based in Portland, OR. They offer gender-fluid clothing styles like coveralls, blazers, and button-ups. In addition to their online shop, they also have brick and mortar stores in Portland and Los Angeles.


The BP. and WILDFANG Collaboration will introduce Gender Knowledge Training to Employees

The Nordstrom and Wildfang teams have been working over the last 18 months to develop not only a product collaboration but an immersive partnership that includes gender knowledge training for employees, product research, social initiatives, and marketing research.

The employee training feature educational content on gender-nonconforming styling and inclusive customer engagement and have been happening over the last six months to ensure all employees are equipped to best serve customers before the product has launched in stores or online.


More details on employee training:

Inclusive Serving & Selling Training

“We want all customers to have a service and shopping experience that makes them feel good and look their best. One that welcomes them, makes them feel like they belong, and reassures them that we’re here to meet their individual needs. Inclusive serving and selling is creating customer shopping experiences that embrace peoples’ identities, individual expressions, and unique needs, while providing the same high level of service to all, regardless of who that person is or how similar they may look or act to yourself.”

Gender Non-Conforming Styling Training

“Masculine and feminine gender norms have long been a standard in fashion, placing restrictions on self-expression and individuality—but there’s a shift, and customers are increasingly challenging these norms in their style choices. Gender non-conforming styling is styling that doesn’t conform to traditional gender norms. It’s tossing out the idea that there are set gender rules when it comes to styling, and finding the right items that serve your personal style.”

“WILDFANG shares in our commitment to our customers through service, quality product, and a personalized shopping experience. This collaboration between BP. and WILDFANG allows us to educate our employees in order to serve our customers in new and relevant ways.”

Jen Jackson Brown, EVP and president of Nordstrom Product Group, Nordstrom, Inc.

The collection reflects silhouettes that are created to be versatile yet functional. The fit of each piece was carefully considered and sized for a variety of body shapes with the intention of making a collection that could be worn by customers who want to push the boundaries of their style and challenge gender norms.


“At WILDFANG, we believe that the fashion industry has clung to outdated gender norms for far too long… We are working hard to make the industry more inclusive with every element of our partnership with Nordstrom.”

Emma Mcilroy, CEO and co-founder of WILDFANG.


Nordstrom will be giving five percent of total sales from the BP. + WILDFANG collection to Year Up as part of the collaboration. Nordstrom will partner with Year Up to create a workforce development program that provides space and opportunity for Black, Latinx, and Queer communities, while also developing a systemic pathway for new talent to come into the fashion industry through its own Nordstrom brands.

Shop the collection over at www.Nordstrom.com!


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