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Sailor Moon is the quintessential magical girl anime, a staple for any fan of the genre. Both the manga and the original 90s anime adaptation influenced an entire generation of magical girls, whether it be in terms of skillset, team dynamics, or fashion. The latter in particular provided fans with the emblematic Sailor Scout uniform, which was based on the classic Japanese schoolgirl uniform, and revolutionized magical girl outfits for years to come.

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What many don’t know, however, is that Naoko Takeuchi, the writer/illustrator of the manga, took inspiration from high fashion brands when designing some of Sailor Moon‘s most iconic outfits. As a dedicated fan of haute couture, Takeuchi was influenced by the work of fashion designers such as Thierry Mugler and Chanel, whose fascinating pieces turned Sailor Moon characters from teenagers and villains into fashion icons fighting for love and justice.

7 Queen Beryl And Her Mugler-Inspired Dress

Queen Beryl Sailor Moon

For Queen Beryl’s deep purple dress, Naoko Takeuchi took inspiration from several dresses in Thierry Mugler’s ready-to-wear and haute couture collections from 1992. The horn-like shape of the neckline, in particular, was probably taken from a silver dress worn by Ivanka Trump at the runway show for the Spring-Summer collection. The sexy yet regal appeal of the skin-tight dress and the revealing neckline works perfectly with a character like Queen Beryl, who not only demands the destruction of the Sailor Scouts but also flaunts her status as the villainous Commander of the Dark Kingdom.

6 Calaveras’ Striking Christian Lacroix Outfit

As a member of the Black Moon Clan and one of the Spectre Sisters, Calaveras deserved nothing less than the golden Christian Lacroix outfit she wears. The look appeared in the brand’s Fall-Winter collection from 1992 and consists of a golden corset that resembles armor, a short red skirt, and a large, golden bow at the back of the head.

Takeuchi completed Calaveras’ uniform with golden accessories and boots, and the signature Black Moon Clan downwards facing half-moon, making Calaveras one of the more stylish Spectre Sisters.

5 Sailor Saturn’s Mugler Shirt

Sailor Saturn Mugler

Showing her admiration for the French fashion brand once again, Takeuchi dressed Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) in a black turtleneck t-shirt from Mugler’s 1992 Fall-Winter collection.

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The look, which also includes an array of geometric cutouts and a black bow on each shoulder, appeared in a full-color illustration in the manga and has never crossed over to the anime. Despite this, Hotaru does wear a similar, if less detailed, long-sleeved black shirt in the 90s anime as one of her day-to-day outfits.

4 Sailor Pluto’s Glamourous Chanel Jewelry

Naomi Campbell Setsuna

Similar to Sailor Saturn’s fashionista moment, Setsuna Meiou (Sailor Pluto) donned this gems-and-gold-heavy outfit for a manga illustration. The simple, short black dress and strings of gold chains appeared on the runway and in printed ads for Chanel’s 1992 Fall-Winter collection. Takeuchi added Setsuna’s trademark Garnet stone to the flower broaches on her necklace and body jewelry, alluding to the weapon she uses as the Guardian of the Space-Time Door, the Garnet Rod.

3 Black Lady And The YSL Ad

Black Lady YSL

Naoko Takeuchi drew inspiration for Black Lady’s outfit from a 1991 Yves Saint Laurent perfume ad featuring Kate Moss. The Sailor Moon author kept the dark colors and the revealing side slit on the skirt of the dress, but changed the bust area for simple straps and a see-through undershirt with long sleeves. Takeuchi later recreated the YSL ad in an illustration where Black Lady takes on the role of the model, displaying the now-iconic outfit that anime fans worldwide have been cosplaying for over twenty years.

2 Koan’s Fan Favorite Mugler Bodysuit

Sailor Moon Koan

Arguably the best-dressed villain in the Sailor Moon series, Koan is the youngest and most ambitious of the Spectre Sisters. As such, Takeuchi took on perhaps one of Mugler’s best-remembered looks from the 1992 Fall-Winter collection. Koan retained every single detail from the original Mugler piece, from the see-through bodysuit with vein-like stitching to the fluffy, feather tutu.

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Takeuchi also kept the pointy space buns hairstyle and the forehead gem broach the model wore on the runway. She added a rose corsage to Koan’s neck in the manga, but this detail was excluded from the 90s anime but reintroduced in Sailor Moon Crystal.

1 Princess Serenity’s Iconic Dior Gown

Sailor Moon Princess Serenity

As princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity wears a white, empire waist dress with gold embellishments on the bust and shoulders. It was first seen on the runway for Christian Dior’s 1992 Spring-Summer collection, where it was presented as “Il Palladio”, alluding to the dress’s inspiration, the columns that appear in most Ancient Greek architecture. Naoko Takeuchi gave her own interpretation of the dress to Serenity by adding a second skirt and a long, flowy bow on the back. All in all, the dress has become as iconic as the Sailor Scout uniform and has been present in all Sailor Moon media so far, including the manga and the two anime adaptations.

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