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Here’s an overview of some of the metaverse-related news that happened this week.

Luxury Luggage Maker RIMOWA To Launch NFT Collection Designed In Collaboration With NUOVA

LVMH-owned luggage brand will auction four digital artworks on May 18 on the Rarible NFT marketplace. The one-of-a-kind art pieces include a table, lamp, food cart and sound system. All pieces include signature details from RIMOWA design aesthetic including leather handles, grooved aluminum panels and multi-wheel systems. 

IMVU Teams Up With Emerging Designers For Metaverse Fashion Show

Seven up-and-coming fashion designers are joining IMVU, for a metaverse fashion show and NFT showcase event on May 27 and 28. The designers, including Collina Strada, Mowalola, Gypsy Sport, Freak City, Mimi Wade, My Mum Made It, and BruceGlen in collaboration with creators from the IMVU community, will host a fully immersive and digital experience that turns a real life runway into a completely innovative show. All of the digital designs modeled will be avaible for direct-to-avatar purchase starting May 28. A few select items with be auctioned off as NFTs.

Volumetric Format Association Formed To Provide Standards To Ensure Industry Interoperability

Volumetric video is a pioneering way of recording and playing back 3D content, made by simultaneously capturing video from multiple cameras, digitally combined into a moving 3D Hologram, that can be viewed from any angle. The Volumetric Format Associations, VFA , brings together companies from key industries including founding charter member Verizon as well as ZEISS, RED Digital Cinema, Unity, Intel, NVIDIA, and Canon to establish standards of volumetric capture, processing, encoding, delivery, and playback.

Inditex Launches ‘Pacific Game’ A New AR Game

Spanish apparel titan Inditex has ventured into the world of gaming via its youth brand “Pull & Bear”, with the augmented reality game ‘Pacific Game’, available on Facebook and Instagram. The fashion brand hopes that the game-play of a virtual journey from California to Tokyo will attract valuable Generation Z consumers.

Virtual Streamer Code Miko And Virtual Being Lucy Met And Played Minecraft On Twitch

Code Miko is a popular VTubers (Virtual Youtuber/Streamer) in the world and the avatar of a female streamer known only as “The Technician”. Lucy is eight-year-old virtual being created by Fable Studio and star of its Emmy award-winning virtual reality film “Wolves in Walls”. Lucy, interacts live using a combination of technology artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. The stream took place on Friday, May 14 on Code Miko’s Twitch channel, Lucy appears at about 46 min into the stream.

London’s Design Museum Showcases An AI-Designed AR Sneaker

London’s Design Museum partnered with Snap for its latest exhibition: Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street. Museum visitors will be able to try on one of the exhibits, Sneaker 0, using AR and can take the experience home. According to the musuem, Sneaker 0, doesn’t only exist in augmented reality, it is also considered to be one of the world’s first sneaker to be designed entirely by a computer using machine learning from a curated exhibit list.

 Blockchain Gaming Company “Big Time” Came Out of Stealth With $21M Funding Round

Big Time raised $10.3M in a Series A funding round from investors including CoinDesk owner Digital Currency Group, North Island Ventures, OKEx’s Blockdream Ventures, Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, with an additional $11 million in funding to be used in partner gaming company investments. Big Time plans to create the first AAA action title that allows players to acquire, hold and trade NFT-based virtual items. NFTs can give gamers true ownership of in game items outside of the traditional Walled Gardens.

Coperni Worked With Unreal Engine On Video For New Collection

French fashion house Coperni, worked closlely with Unreal Engine on the first video campaign for their Sring/Summer 2021 collection. The brand used virtual production techniques to create a 3D world where a group of real life models meet on the beam of a virtual building under construction. The video echoes the brand’s September show on the rooftop of a Montparnasse tower in Paris, but mixes real and virtual elements to bring the campaign to life.

 HyperloopTT Is Coming To Upland

NFT mapped to real-world addresses metaverse Upland, is partnering with ultra-high speed transportation company HyperloopTT to bring a virtual connection between the cities of Cleveland and Chicago. In the real world hyperloop’s proposed system consists of pressurized capsules that float on a frictionless magnetic cushion within a tube achieving speeds of 760 MPH (470 KPH). In Upland, HyperloopTT will provide a primary mode of transportation for Uplanders between Chicago and Cleveland, mirroring the real hyperloop transportation system, eventually adding the ability to purchase rare Hyperloop branded NFTs and participate in related events and competitions.

Walmart Acquires Virtual Fitting Room Company, Zeekit

Walmart has acquired Zeekit. The company’s technology lets customers upload photos of themselves and show how the clothing would fit and sharing the virtual outfit with a friend. Initially customers will be able to use the feature to try on items from Walmart’s private labels and some national brands like Champion and Levi Strauss. Zeekit is a female founded start up based in Tel Aviv, Israel, its team and three founders will join Walmart as part of the deal.

VNTANA Launches 3D Digital Showroom To Help Fashion Brands Sell Online To Retailers

VNTANA announced the launch of its new 3D Digital Showroom, allowing brands to create 3D digital showrooms with interactive versions of its products, in a matter of minutes instead of the weeks required with traditional systems. VNTANA patented algorithms ensure the models load fast with quality imagery, including all product information, and sharable QR code.

NFT-Centric Animoca Brands Becomes A Unicorn

Animoca Brands, the parent company of The Sandbox and Lympo, announced this week that it had completed a capital raise of US$88,888,888 and now as valuation of $1.28 billion.

More Metaverse Headlines Include:

  • A report from Snap and Deloitte Digital found that 74% of global consumers expect augmented reality to be even more important in their lives in the next five years, showing AR’s potential to redefine a brand’s digital customer experience and mobile engagement.
  • NBCUniversal says it’s working AR-enabled shopping via the viewers’ TV and they are calling it @homeshopping.
  • Spatial launched new NFT galleries and will be exhibiting collections by Federico Clapis, Krista Kim and Jarlan Perez.
  • Outlier Ventures announced the companies in its Open Metaverse accelerator. They include verim, 100x Studio, TokenFabrik, SuperWorld, CryptoAvatars, Battle Racers, Auroboros, and Frag Color.
  • Coldplay debuted a new single on the International Space Station and then premieres it on Earth.
  • DIGITALAX, a fashion NFT marketplace and platform for gaming and esports, launched Diggyfizzy, its own metaverse magazine to highlight new creators and new voices in the NFT industry.
  • The creators of Adopt Me, one of the most successful experiencies in Roblox, launched a new games studio called Uplift Games.
  • WeWork is partnering with ARHT Media to equip some of its coworking spaces around the world with their HoloPods.

This edition of Metaverse Weekly was created with the help of Rob Crasco.


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