Black-Owned Fashion Brands are Getting the Support They Deserve


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Image: Courtesy of District of Clothing

May 25 marks the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, and though it has been a year—which saw the conviction of Floyd’s murderer, former police officer Derek Chauvin—countless activist organizations and efforts are still working towards justice and awareness of the continued police brutality in the United States. District of Clothing is a Black-owned female-founded lifestyle brand focusing on progression, inspiring action and supporting self-love.

The brand’s “Black Lives Matter” shirt sheds light on the injustices Black people face daily. It isn’t just about an all-encompassing “Black Lives Matter” but honoring the lives of all those at risk—men, women, trans people, immigrants, children and more.

District of Clothing’s most recent collection, “I’m From Here,” shines a light on Asian American hate. Given the rise of anti-Asian racism, the shirt poses a challenge against the question “but where are you really from?” The collection was made in collaboration with Angella Nguyen and Ajie Rhyu and a portion of the proceeds contribute to organizations working to stop AAPI hate.


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