What Brands Are Trending for 2021? Gucci, Nike, Dior, and More of Your Favorites


If you’re wondering what brands are trending in 2021, the results gathered during the first three months of the year are finally in. Each quarter, Lyst, a shopping platform with 12,000 brands and stores, analyzes and combines purchases on its platform with Google’s search data and social media mentions to present us with the most-purchased, sought-after, and talked-about labels. While the big names on the list might not come as a surprise, it is very interesting to see the order in which they appear.

Once again, the Gucci gang held on to the number one spot, thanks to the fashion house’s buzzy collaborations with The North Face, but Nike made a colossal leap (9 positions, to be exact) and secured the number two spot after finishing in 11th place at the end of 2020. Dior made a graceful debut on the list, in third place, and that’s not the only French fashion house that earned a first-time appearance on the Lyst Index. Louis Vuitton made its inaugural appearance in 7th place on the Lyst index, which could very well be a nod to the “buy less, buy better” mentality many are adopting.

For more clues on 2021’s fashion trajectory, scroll through (and shop) the top-ten brands, according to Lyst, below.

1. Gucci

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