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As a fashion editor and writer, Anya Georgijevic is well versed in trends.

When she decided to create her own brand, she wanted nothing to do with that fast-paced ‘in’ and ‘out’ mentality of the industry.

Instead, Georgijevic’s brand Anushka embraces a slow-fashion mentality, offering two styles that are designed to be worn for years to come.

We recently caught up with Georgijevic to learn more.

A model wears the Diana Linen Caftan from the Canadian brand Anushka, $395.
A model wears the Diana Linen Caftan from the Canadian brand Anushka, $395. Photo by Renata Kaveh

Q. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Anushka?

A. Anushka is a line of contemporary resort wear consisting of beautiful timeless garments that can be worn in the city or the beach. It is inspired by the art of travel — something you can pack and wear for multiple occasions. It is slow fashion in the most literal sense: Anushka will only be adding a couple of new styles every resort and spring season.

Q. Is there a story behind the name? 

A. Anushka is a nickname given to me by my late mother. She was the only one to call me that, from childhood to adulthood. When she passed away last year, I thought it would be a nice way to honour her memory.

Q. How, if at all, did your experience as a fashion editor influence your designs and brand?

A. Over the past decade, I’ve noticed the same trends coming in and out of fashion twice over, and I found myself more and more attracted to timeless styles and investment pieces. When I design for Anushka, I try to come up with silhouettes and fabrics that can be worn for years to come, regardless of trends.

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Q. Who is the target customer? 

A. Someone who appreciates quality, looks for longevity, and is proud to wear a made-in-Canada garment. My ideal client is also someone who loves effortless dressing but always looks put-together.

Q. What can you share about where the products are designed/made?

A. The garments are designed and made in downtown Toronto. I work with a small garment manufacturer that’s really supportive of independent designers. I’m proud to produce in Canada. We used to have a rich garment manufacturing industry and unfortunately that’s no longer the case.

Q. What is the price range for Anushka designs?

A. The two current styles are both priced at $395. Future releases will also hover around that mark.

Q. Lastly, where can people check them out? 

A. They are available through

[email protected]


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