“It’s Very Simple: People Want to Wear Gaultier.” Meet the Brand’s New Creative Director Florence Tétier


In addition to the ready-to-wear and limited edition collaborations, Gaultier will also offer six one-off marinières created by the couture atelier; and there’s a curation of marine-themed vintage, as well. Tétier isn’t interested in hierarchies. All of the pieces, she explains, will be “mixed together to recreate this very Gaultier universe, where everything is on the same level. The street meets couture is very there.”

“Trash meets flowers,” is how Tétier describes her own “emo, but kind of romantic” personal style. Educated in Switzerland, the creative director was raised in the suburbs of Paris as part of a “a very normal, but not a fashion-driven family.” Her very first exposure to Gaultier was through her grandfather who wore the brand’s Le Male fragrance and proudly displayed the distinctive bottle on his shelf. Tétier remembers that Gaultier regularly appeared on French television and charmed the nation. In this way the designer became an “ally” who helped form a bridge between the poles of parental rectitude and fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier, and twin, taping the television show Eurotrash, in  1996.Photo: Marc Deville / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

It’s now Tétier’s turn to be a connector. She’s responsible for bringing the past into the future, and she aims to do that collaboratively. “Having all kinds of generations and people is a super modern way of thinking,” she says. Her preferred method of recruitment is to look beyond resumes and really listen to her collaborators. She reports that everyone who interacts with the archive sees it differently, and that everyone seems to have a personal story about the brand.


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