Time to demand better education for youth


There was an article in the Daily Republic not long ago about graduation. Is graduation meaningful?

The article spiked my concern about the status of education in America. This is not about that article, but my personal feelings and belief of what the purpose of public education is and what it has become.

The reason for public education is to prepare our children to succeed in life. Graduation has traditionally been the symbol of our achievement of that goal. Viewing each child as an individual.

Education has become politicized. Our system has been restructured. We no longer expect our children to learn what they are capable of learning. We have applied a system called Common Core. In some school districts, it’s ignored and achieves even less. Some districts respond to the ignorance of parents who have profited from that ignorance in our society.

There we have abandoned our responsibility to prepare our children for success in life. We have betrayed our children. It is the result of a “top-down” education system.

Local schools must follow the rules if they are to receive funds to operate. Some public schools are successful in spite of those controls.

A great increase in the number of charter schools and private schools are parental attempts to ensure that their children can receive the education they deserve.

What can we do? We can take government control out of education as much as possible.

Funding should be local. Teachers, schools and school districts should be evaluated on the basis of the achievement of students.

Curricula should be designed and test the capability of each child. That level of achievement should be expected and no less accepted. If students do not perform, they remain at that grade level until they do.

Parents should be held responsible for helping their children succeed. If they do not, foster care should be considered.

In my almost 40 years of experience in education, I have seen laws and regulations which prevent public schools from succeeding. But I have also seen what is possible: 5-year-olds reading at a sixth-grade level; elementary schools successful in a spite of government limitations, run by principals who demand achievement and accept nothing less.

Yes, it is all possible. We just must have the courage to demand it. Remember, we are already paying for it. And we have folks in our local public schools who really want to help children succeed.

Education is one of two great passions I have in life. The other is our country: a democratic republic governed by the rule of law.

We are in great danger of losing our country to Marxism. This old bag of bones can do very little to help save her except warn as many people as possible with specific information about what is happening right now.

The March Imprimis published an article by Christopher Rufo on Critical Race Theory, how Marxism has substituted race for economics and how deeply it has penetrated the federal government. The author lists many, many specific examples. Please become informed.

Search Google for Imprimis. Read the article.

Murray Bass of Fairfield can be reached at 720-5139 or [email protected].


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