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Legislature Adds Education Tax Credits | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One to Count On

When the Iowa Legislature passed a bill that prevented schools from requiring masks, other measures were included. State Senator Amy Sinclair, the chair of the Senate Education Committee, says that changes were made to tax credits that will benefit families.

“It included some tax credits for teachers and families. There’s already a deduction for teachers who are buying classroom supplies at the state level. That deduction has been doubled from $250 to $500. There was an existing tuition and textbook tax credit that parents could access if they were paying book fees at a public school or paying for tuition at a non-public school. That credit has also been doubled from 25 percent of $1,000 in expenses to 25 percent of $2,000. So instead of being able to get a $250 credit, families will be able to get a $500 credit. Homeschooling families have been added into that, so their curriculum expenses can also come back to them in the form of a credit.”

Also included in the bill was language to allow for schools to be innovative in their education, and can apply for waivers to have regulations removed.


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