MU Engagement Scholar Tim Evans to make the most of designation


Tim Evans, associate professor in the University of Missouri Department of Veterinary Pathology, appears as superhero The Antidote during an event at the university. Evans was recently named an Engagement Scholar, tasked with taking research to the public.

This superhero is not faster than a speeding bullet.

Nor is he stronger than a locomotive.

He’s not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Not even close.

When visiting classrooms full of school kids pre-pandemic, The Antidote quizzed students about what superpower they thought he possessed.

Flight and super-fast speed were among the guesses.

“I tell them I have a lot of knowledge,” said Tim Evans, The Antidote’s alter ego. “I’ve been to school many years and I have a lot of degrees.”

Education is his superpower and it’s a superpower they can have, too, if they go to school and study hard, Evans said.

“I think education is the antidote to a lot of things,” Evans said.


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