Wood Hudson engages 17 students in Undergraduate Research and Education program for cancer research


Wood Hudson Cancer Research Lab offers its Undergraduate Research and Education Program (UREP) again for the summer of 2021. Seventeen students from local universities are participating in the virtual program, which is ongoing through August 13th.
Last year’s summer program was a giant step into the future. The world-wide pandemic forced Wood Hudson to modify UREP to a virtual program, and thanks to our dedicated scientists and instructors, it worked.
After a two-day orientation, this year’s 17 students attended the Undergraduate Student Caucus of the AACR’s Annual Meeting on May 12, 14, and 21.They received insights on career choices and educational pathways and attended undergraduate research poster sessions. The students attended talks given by distinguished scientists doing cancer research. Each student chose talks that were especially applicable to his or her summer capstone project, and the students reported on the five most interesting and educational talks as they related to their specific areas of interest. The AACR Annual Meeting was a virtual event, and was offered to all undergraduate students free of charge.

Now, they are spending their Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays together (online) studying cancer biology, presenting chapters from the textbook, and listening to guest speakers who are selected from the Wood Hudson Board of Trustees and other collaborators. They are viewing virtual demonstrations of research techniques and presenting journal articles. For their final projects, each student will design an experiment that addresses a Provocative Question from the National Institute of Health. They will present written and oral reports. This challenging program gives students the opportunity to learn and to think critically and prepares them to go far in careers in health and science.
Wood Hudson has provided the Undergraduate Research and Education Program (UREP) since 1982, and has trained nearly 350 students in the cancer research field. 75% of UREP students have gone on to become doctors, Ph.D scientists, and other medical and science professionals. The research experience gives them an upper-hand in their studies, as well as when they apply to medical school, graduate school, or other advanced programs.

Wood Hudson provides a critical experience to a rising generation of doctors and scientists, as they go forward in the fight against cancer and provide health care to communities near and far.

UREP students are paid for their time, and each student earns approximately $2,800 during the summer program.

This program couldn’t be provided without donors. Contribute here. UREP is also funded through grants from PNC Charitable Trusts, the R.C. Durr Foundation, and the ChemED Foundation.


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