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A fashion production house in Downtown Los Angeles gives anyone a passion for fashion design the opportunity to make their mark on the industry.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 1, 2021 / — Led by veteran designer Jennifer Evans, The Evans Group (TEG) is a full-service fashion production house focusing on assisting independent emerging and established artists create haute couture.

Creating a personalized line of clothing, products, and designs is now within the realm of possibility due to affordability, The bottom line? First-time fashion designers need to take advantage of Evans’s resources.

How The Evans Group Makes Things Easier

The Evans Group has made a name for itself by propping up independent designers. Jennifer Evans had her beginning in creating precise clothing orders for clients. Additionally, she focused on hiring factory workers to be a part of her team.

Fast-forward over 15 years later, and TEG’s portfolio consists of nearly 2,000 genuinely unique styles, brands, and looks. By listening to her workers, clients, and project managers, Jennifer Evans blends empathy, skill, and an eye for fashion into her work.

But how does TEG enact a winning fashion formula to set itself apart in the Los Angeles fashion community?

High Fashion Shouldn’t Be A Headache: With Evans, It Isn’t

TEG’s tried and true process, honed from years of practice and experience, fosters an environment of creativity and artistic vision. It also aims to take a considerable burden off of the client. So how does it work?

Curious clients start a new project with The Evans Group by having an in-depth discussion about their project. An important aspect of TEG’s winning formula is invaluable communication between client and production house. The company, throughout the fashion design process, offers unfettered communication every step of the way.

Next comes the planning. With specification sheets gleaned from the client’s vision, the production team goes to work planning out the next steps in the process.

Once particular guidelines are in place, Jennifer Evans’s team starts the sample production process.

This is where talented textile workers, cut and sew manufacturers in LA, for example, get to work meticulously crafting a fashion brand. Sample and pattern makers use extensive industry knowledge and experience in factory settings to create clients’ samples.

Another area where TEG shines is its turnaround times for projects. Specific haute couture projects can take well over 700 hours to complete. TEG offers quick turnarounds of 4-8 weeks, with fashion designers contracting for an 8-week time frame. Of course, TEG offers rush deliveries, spanning 1-4 weeks, setting itself apart from nearly every fashion production house in Los Angeles.

This is where another unique aspect of TEG’s expert process appears: affordability in samples and patterns.

The High Cost of Fashion

Creating highly specialized tailored clothing doesn’t come cheap. It requires sourcing of certain fabrics, the labor of talented cutters, sewers, and sample makers in Los Angeles.

Creating a customized fashion line can run designers upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a huge obstacle for someone looking to make design dreams a reality.

What’s The Evans Group Difference In Affordable Fashion?

TEG offers lower prices and quicker turnaround times for its clients.

Haute couture, or the creation of clothes to the client’s specifications, is a fashion industry staple. For example, Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress and celebrity clothing on the red carpet are forms of haute couture. Fashion shows, art installations, and clothing collections are fantastic examples of haute couture out in the wild.

However, with the exclusivity of haute couture, it can run up quite a bill for a fashion designer.

Where haute couture is a lofty expense at many other production houses, often starting at a baseline of $20,000, The Evans Group offers clients a few different pricing options for designers of all stripes.

If you’re just starting out in the industry, this is a pretty tall order, especially if you don’t have the resources. If you’re unsure if you want to commit to a full line of clothing, maybe consider TEG’s starting package, titled the ‘Test Drive.’

The Test Drive package offers an excellent opportunity for new designers to establish a foothold in the fashion industry and get comfortable with the design process. This introductory package costs only a fraction of other fashion production houses. Although it’s an initial sample production, clients still receive expert services, like meetings and pattern fit adjustments with the in-house patternmaker.

The TEG difference offers complete cut and sew manufacturing services, especially samples and patterns, with no minimums. That, and exceptional communication with the project manager.

When a client submits an order, The Evans Group aims to bring a sense of joie de vivre, empathy, and understanding, forging a bond with the client. This can mean a world of difference. Instead of proceeding with a clothing order in a clinical, lifeless manner, Evans and her team partake in meaningful planning sessions, complete with mood boards, detailed brainstorms, and a dialogue between client and designer.

Where clients may need to glean details from multiple individuals, TEG’s project manager will work directly with the client, answering questions, addressing concerns, and looking for different avenues of completing a fashion line.

The price of a collection at TEG includes multiple variables. Keep in mind; it’s still specialty work. However, low minimums and high volume collections for effective brand scalability set TEG apart in the competitive LA fashion scene. But what does this mean for fashion designers in Los Angeles?

What Does This Mean for Fashion Designers?

It means affordable fashion with quicker turnaround times. TEG achieves a unique balance of creating high-quality pieces in record times.

Fashion designers in LA can confidently share their visions with TEG for a fraction of the average price. Working with companies like The Evans Group will produce tangible results, allowing brands to flourish with ready-to-wear products in clothing stores, art installations, and specialty shops, all well within your budget.

With a background built on empathy, communication, and raw talent, The Evans Group clears a path for both emerging and established designers to thrive and reach ambitious design goals.

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