Education group PLACE NYC endorses Eric Adams for NYC mayor


A vocal parent group that backs the city’s accelerated education programs has endorsed Eric Adams for mayor.

PLACE NYC said Adams was its top choice because of his support for the specialized high school admissions test and other education positions.

“His policy proposals reflect engagement with the often excluded voices of immigrants and public school parents who advocate for expanding rigorous education options,” said co-president Lucas Liu in a statement.

PLACE, which stands for Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education, has emerged as the primary obstacle to groups seeking to disband or remake the city’s advanced education programs.

Adams, the group said Tuesday, best reflects their policy imperatives.

PLACE highlighted that the Brooklyn borough president is the only candidate who supports keeping the specialized high school admissions test as the sole entry criteria.

Adams initially backed alternate admissions approaches to the eight elite schools but changed his position after an outcry from backers of the Specialized High School Admissions Test — especially Asian city groups.

Parent-led Education Advocacy Group, PLACE NYC, announced its endorsement of Eric Adams for New York City Mayor.
PLACE NYC announced its endorsement of Eric Adams for New York City mayor.

“PLACE NYC agrees with Borough President Adams that we must address disparities in academic outcomes by tackling root causes and improving k-8 education, not by removing successful programs,” the group said in a statement.

While mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang had initially roused some cautious enthusiasm among PLACE backers, that support has fizzled.

Yang backed off early criticism of the city teachers union for impeding the reopening of city schools and has officially backed multiple admissions measures for entry into the specialized high schools.

Andrew Yang
In January, mayoral candidate Andrew Yang disagreed “with the decision to discontinue Gifted and Talented testing.”
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“Eric Adams’ deep commitment to public service, comprehensive understanding of education issues and willingness to listen to diverse voices make him a standout candidate,” the group said.


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