During men’s health month, a reminder that self-care maintenance helps us thrive


Dr. Peter Barkett

Lately, I’ve been thinking about routine maintenance, paying attention to keep things running effortlessly. This spring I had some trouble with my lawnmower. The machine had been so reliable that I took it for granted. I had been delinquent on some routine maintenance items and had hoped I could push them off a bit longer. Then the lawnmower just quit on me. While I had it in the shop my grass grew 6 inches.

When it comes to power tools, a bit of preventive maintenance keeps them running better and longer.

The whole incident got me thinking because it happens to be men’s health month, and if our lawnmowers need some regular care, how much more important is our own self-care?

Generally speaking, men have a tendency to focus on work or to-do lists. We tend not to admit when we feel worn down or need to recharge our batteries. We also have a bad habit of avoiding healthcare providers. 


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