Chris Kamara opens up about his health condition after ‘suffering in silence’ for two years


Chris Kamara has opened up to his son Jack about why he suffered in silence with a health condition.

The football pundit and former footballer has just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, also known as Underactive Thyroid Disease, a condition when the thyroid gland doesn’t make enough crucial hormones to meet the body’s needs.

Chris, 63, suffered from brain fog and slurred speech but kept his health concerns quiet for two years.

In a frank chat with his son Jack, 32, Chris was asked why he found it so difficult to talk to his family, even after fans started noticing that something wasn’t quite right when seeing him on TV.

Chris opened up to his son Jack

Asked why it took so long for him to find out what was wrong, he told Jack: “Embarrassment, stubbornness, head in the sand. Didn’t want to believe what was going on in my body, in my mind.

“So I suffered in silence Jack, probably have to say for 20 months.”

Chris, who is known for his jovial commentary style, added: “Even though people were saying along the way ‘he’s not his normal self’ I would just bat it away and say ‘no I’m fine.’

Speaking about his condition Chris said: “I’d never heard of an underactive thyroid.

“I didn’t realise that a little hormone in your neck the size of a butterfly controlled your brain, your muscles. All sorts of things. Your emotions.”

Chris is known for his jovial commentary style

Initially Chris, affectionately nicknamed by sports fans as ‘Kammy’, feared he was suffering from the onset of dementia after having had ‘good days and bad days.’

Some days day he couldn’t remember anything.

“Brain fog, slurring speech and then other days you’re fine,” he explained.

He was sent for brain scan after opening up to his GP and everything came back clear.

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He was then recommended for blood tests and that showed he had an underactive thyroid.

Chris will now remain on a course of tablets for rest of his life.

“It’s my third month on tablets and feel so much better,” he told Jack in a moving video created for Men’s Health Week and shared on YouTube.

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New research reveals an estimated over 14.7 million men in Britain don’t go to the doctor even when they suffer worrying symptoms.

The study shows that a quarter of men think they can fix the problem themselves, one in eight men feel too embarrassed to see a doctor and one in ten say they are too anxious to talk about their symptoms.

Three in ten men are also currently hiding conditions from their family.

The study has been carried out to coincide with Men’s Health Week by Pharmacy2U, which has joined forces with Kammy to encourage families to talk more openly together about their health.

Chris said: “I suffered for nearly two years with my symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

“I was guilty of ignoring the symptoms in the hope they would go away. “I’m really glad I finally sought medical advice after speaking to my family and would encourage anyone else suffering in silence with any concerns or symptoms to do the same.”


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