Bucks County students combatting racism in education; want inclusion


Sarah Zhang collects stories of discrimination.

Shelby Williams campaigns for more educators of color.

Amy Liu has has created an interactive map of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

As students, each presses for change in predominantly white schools where racism remains a systemic problem.

When race is not discussed and the curriculum lacks diversity, students of all backgrounds are at a disadvantage, explained Williams, who heads to Cornell University this fall after graduating in May from George School.

“When you send your child to school, you want them to have a well-rounded education, and if they’re not reading authors from different backgrounds that’s going to impact the way they interact with other people, and the way they see the world,” Williams said.

Shelby Williams will attend Cornell University in the fall after graduating from George School in May

Founded by Quakers, George School in Middletown prides itself on a commitment to social justice. Black students have attended George School since 1947.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 65% of George School students are white. African Americans make up 14% of the student body. Eight percent identify as Asian and 6% are Hispanic, according to federal estimates. 

Yet, the curriculum doesn’t always reflect the current student body, Williams said.


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