Editorial: TPS bond package approval signals consistent support of public education | Editorial

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Thank you to voters in Tulsa Public Schools for giving solid approval to a $414 million package that will enhance infrastructure, programs and transportation.

Each of the four proposals received about 72% support, signaling a continued belief in the power of public education and the need for local investment in schools.

The bond package was developed by a citizens committee and will be overseen by a different volunteer committee. It is broken into four pieces: $166.8 million for buildings, $90.7 million for technology, $17.3 million for transportation and $139.3 million for learning and support materials and programs.

Every school will benefit in large and small ways. It will update buildings, add more bus options, bolster digital security and provide students with items including sports and band uniforms and playground equipment.

In public and online, the district did a good job of communicating why the money was needed, where it will go and how past bond funds were spent. Officials made themselves available to answer questions and provide details.

Voters in TPS, like those in suburban districts, have been consistent in passing bonds for building and program enhancements. Districts need the bonds to move forward and provide quality education.

Property tax rates will not change as a result of Tuesday’s vote. The owner of a $100,000 home pays $23 a month for TPS to make these multimillion-dollar improvements. As one bond retires, another takes its place.

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