New GM SUVs, pickups may not have Automatic Stop/Start feature

General Motors will start building some of its most profitable and in-demand 2021 full-size, light-duty pickups and SUVs without the Automatic Stop/Start feature because of a global shortage in semiconductor chips. 

The automaker is also making unprecedented plant upgrades to its full-size pickup plant near Fort Wayne, Indiana. to speed up final assembly of tens of thousands of incomplete pickups parked and awaiting chip parts.

GM is also looking to hire hundreds of temporary workers at Fort Wayne Assembly and Flint Assembly plants to help push out pickups.

A GMC Sierra 1500 pickup on the assembly line at the General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly plant on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 in Roanoke, Indiana.

Since early this year the auto industry has had to either idle assembly plants or build vehicles shy of all the parts and then park them to await the arrival of chips. The result is comparatively empty dealer lots and a scramble to get as many vehicles built and shipped as possible when parts do arrive.

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