Roger Moss believes in education, starting his second charter school

Roger Moss owns it. The man loves clothes. Always did. He wore a shirt and tie to high school, one of the first desegregated schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but not because he had to. He thought he’d be a businessman so he better dress the part. The other day, sitting outside the Coffee Deli, Savannah’s premier meet-and-greet spot, Roger showed up in a madras jacket, a pocket square and a pair of argyle socks. Heat? What heat?

I’m not sure that’s what his mother and grandmother meant when they told him, repeatedly, “Always act like you belong.” It didn’t matter. Moss, the COO of the new state-chartered Savannah Exploratory Charter Academy (SECA), one of the founding members of the Savannah Classical Academy and the artistic director of the Savannah Children’s Choir, knew something else, too. He knew he didn’t belong in the cotton fields even if they were family run. His grandmother, a sharecropper in the early 1900s and one of the few who learned to read and write, saved enough money to buy property, to run her own cotton farm. “I’m not a nature guy,” Moss said, grinning widely.

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