Faith fashion: P.E.I. clothing brand aims to benefit community and spread positive message

Customers browse the wares at the Truly Motivated streetwear pop-up at Courtside Sneakers. - Logan MacLean • The Guardian

Jean-Grace Kifwabala believes he has found a way to use his talents and truth to help others. He got the idea to start a clothing line in the early days of the pandemic. But not a typical profit-focused brand. He wanted Truly Motivated to make a difference for other people too. Kifwabala was born in … Read more

Sustainable Fashion Brand Veshin Launches in China, Aims to Transform “Notorious” Ethics in the Industry – vegconomist

A sustainable vegan fashion manufacturer has launched in Guangzhou, China, with the aim of revolutionising the global fashion industry. Veshin specialises in luxury bags and accessories made only from vegan materials. The company’s name comes from “ve”, short for vegan, and “shin”, the Chinese for “heart”. The brand was founded by British-born Joey Pringle in … Read more

Bemidji 31 Education Foundation Fund aims to fill classroom funding gaps

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That’s where the Bemidji 31 Education Foundation Fund comes in. The organization, though still in its infancy, hopes to put grant dollars into the hands of local teachers to expand in-classroom opportunities. While there are often booster funds for athletics, music and individual school parent-teacher-organizations, there are not always the extra funds in the classroom … Read more

New education endowment fund aims to ensure students have access to art programs | News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A new fundraising initiative aims to ensure students at Jefferson County Public Schools have access to arts education programs for years to come. The Fund for the Arts (FFTA) announced the Barbara Sexton Smith Education Enhancement Fund (BSSEEF) on Wednesday. The permanently restricted endowment fund was created to “support opportunities for … Read more

Michigan Aims to Be Beating Heart of Electrification

The first phase of the pilot program offers residential Level 2 charger rebates as well as public Level 2 and direct-current (dc) fast-charging infrastructure enablement incentives to help kick-start a charging network crisscrossing Michigan.

Henry Ford and Ransom E. Olds opened their first auto manufacturing facilities a year apart from one another, in 1898 and 1899, respectively ­— both in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Ford closed his factory three years later after producing just three motor vehicles. One might have been forgiven at the time for not seeing the future … Read more

Navy aims to reduce end strength, cut higher education funding in new budget request

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The Navy is aiming to downsize its end strength and cut its higher education funding, while bolstering funds for mental health and sexual assault prevention, according to the fiscal 2022 budget request released Friday. “Our focus remains to recruit, develop and retain the optimal mix of personnel with the right skills and experience to man … Read more

Eadem Beauty Brand Aims to Tackle Tokenism in Beauty Industry – WWD

Eadem Beauty Brand

Diversity, representation and accountability have been increasingly prevalent issues in the beauty industry over the last year, and new beauty brand Eadem aims to continue this conversation with its focus on effective products for people of color. Founders Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover came together with their shared mission of tackling tokenism in … Read more