Education Program for At-Risk Youth Shuts Down After 50 Years in Honolulu

Palama Settlement.

One of the few alternative education programs in Honolulu aimed at helping at-risk youth avoid a path of future incarceration has closed its doors after 50 years in operation following recent enrollment declines amid fewer court referrals. The Palama Settlement In-Community Treatment Program largely served students in the surrounding Kalihi and Palama communities who were … Read more

Take Stock in Children helps at-risk youths find success via education

One of the key programs for Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County is weekly meetings between mentor and mentee.

What does your organization do? Take Stock in Children Palm Beach County aids students from economically-distressed families in achieving their higher educational goals — with an eye on the prize: to break out of the poverty cycle that surrounds them. College scholarships are awarded to students who earn them, by adhering to a goal-focused, consistent contract … Read more