Charting the future of connected cars and mobility with 5G

Post-covid: Is the automotive industry back on track? Pre-covid, the auto industry was progressing towards a connected car vision. During the pandemic, it forced the whole market to reconsider, slow down and re-think mobility and transportation. So what does the post-covid scenario look like? According to the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit, we … Read more

Here’s why it’s a tough market for buying cars, especially used cars


‘There is a frenzy currently’: This is why it’s a tough market for buying cars Low supply, high demand means some cars are actually appreciating in value Updated: 5:17 PM EDT Jun 2, 2021 News Reporter, Meteorologist Along with a booming housing market, many people looking for a new vehicle are finding there are few … Read more

Tesla Is Turning Cars Into Phones. Other Car Makers Better Catch On.

Tesla Is Turning Cars Into Phones. Other Car Makers Better Catch On.

Text size Courtesy Aptiv Cars are slowly becoming less about hardware and more about software. That shift has the power to change the automotive industry as much as any other trend, including vehicle electrification and autonomous driving. Automotive investors should start paying more attention to software. If a “software defined vehicle,” as the industry calls … Read more

We will update cars like we do our smartphones

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By Opinion 15h ago Share this article: ShareTweetShareShareShareEmailShare By Louis Fourie EACH industrial revolution had a major impact on transportation, progressing from horse-drawn carts to trains and, eventually, cars and planes. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is no exception, with a change from hardware-defined cars to software-enabled transportation platforms. As with many other 21st century products, … Read more