Fang Is The New Knitwear Brand Championing Queer Self-Confidence

Fang Is The New Knitwear Brand Championing Queer SelfConfidence

Instead, Guo wanted to showcase and be proud of his body, not cover it up with boxy shapes. So when he graduated and began working in PR and merchandising, he knew he wanted to create a line that could fill this gap, specifically for queer people. The new collection, which finally launched last month, resulted … Read more

Homegrown Fashion Labels That Are Championing Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has become important in every walk of life. With the fashion industry being the second largest in waste generation across the globe, only after the oil industry, designers are seen becoming increasingly conscious with their decisions on product-making processes. When it comes to sustainability, many brands have taken to innovative ways to incorporate this … Read more