Indigenous designers seek brand ownership as conscious consumers ask questions

Red dresses with white and blue flowers on them hang on a rack.

At a pop-up shop in Sydney’s Redfern, colourful clothing featuring prints inspired by Australian animals, flowers and landscapes fills the racks. Key points: Clothing brand Magpie Goose has transitioned to Indigenous ownership Brands in Australia and abroad have seen a rise in consumer awareness about ownership “You cannot be preaching to other people about racism … Read more

10 ways to become a more conscious consumer (and why it matters)

Written for Daily Hive by Selina Ho, Founder and CEO of Recloseted The harmful clothing industry is in desperate need of a sustainability makeover. You can do your part in the following steps: Buy less  Community Thrift and Vintage/Facebook Sustainable fashion often gets a bad rep for being expensive and inaccessible for the majority of … Read more

Conscious Capitalism: How To Be a Fashion Brand that Facilitates Change

Behind everything we do, there must be a deeper purpose. Fashion leads and shapes ideas on a global level, and we should be doing that not just for the industry, but for business as a whole. As fashion brands look to provide beautiful pieces that may push the boundaries of design, we must also look … Read more