10 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Habits That Can Help You Save Money

While rampant greenwashing has people believing they have to buy the latest and trendiest ‘green’ products to feel as though they are saving the planet, that is just clever marketing exploiting human psychology for a company’s own interests and gains. It is this type of marketing that has fueled the misconception that eco-friendly living is … Read more

These 6 Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Are the Future of Style and Luxury

The apparel and lifestyle-products industries, in their traditional forms, are built on a foundation of opacity: Who made that T-shirt you’re wearing? How were the workers treated in the factory that produced your sneakers? What was the environmental toll of crafting the handbag you carry each day? The answers to these questions are often hard … Read more

Building a Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Elyse Kaye Grit Daily

The fashion industry is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply and emits 10 percent of all carbon emissions. According to the WWF, the industry emits 1.7 billion tons of CO2 annually contributing to global warming, pollution and extremely high volumes of water used for growing raw materials, not to mention toxic chemicals … Read more

[App Fridays] Social commerce app d’hybrid gives an elegant spin to lifestyle and grooming for urban men

With increased digitisation and the widespread use of social media, the way we shop is also changing. This has led to the rise of social commerce. According to a report by Bain & Company and Sequoia India, the country’s social commerce market India is all set to touch $20 billion by 2025, driven by conversational … Read more

Moana Luu Launches Luxury Creole Lifestyle brand ManLuu – WWD

Essence alumni Moana Luu has launched ManLuu, a U.S.-based fashion and lifestyle brand showcasing interpretations of her Creole culture. “I created ManLuu as a contemporary expression of Creole heritage,” explained Luu, who also serves as the global chief content officer of Essence Ventures. “Every piece has been lovingly crafted to be enduring, beautiful and infinitely … Read more