TV tonight: Kathy Burke explores our obsession with money | Television & radio

[ad_1] Kathy Burke: Money Talks 10pm, Channel 4 The beloved comic Kathy Burke fronts this two-part documentary examining our peculiarly British relationship to money. Burke starts off by reuniting with her longtime comedy pals Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse to discuss the Thatcherite politics that provided the backdrop to their early sketches, before she goes … Read more

Rs 82,000 cr lying in unclaimed bank a/cs, life insurance, mutual funds, PF: How to get your money back

[ad_1] When its flagship equity scheme completed 25 years, a fund house wrote to investors who had remained invested in the scheme for more than two decades. But the note of congratulation led to a completely unexpected outcome. Over the next few weeks, there was a perplexing flurry of redemption requests from many long-time investors. … Read more

Child tax credit payment in 11 days: Calculate how much money your family will get

[ad_1] Advanced child tax credit payments start July 15. Sarah Tew/CNET How much money can eligible parents expect with their first advance monthly child tax credit check in just a little more than one week? Each kid under 6 years old could get you up to $300 per month and each kid aged 6 through 17 could get you … Read more

Local 3-year-old sets up neighborhood banana stand to raise money for APL

[ad_1] VERMILION, Ohio (WJW) — For 3-year-old Jason Crawford, selling lemonade was a little too obvious. Instead, the Vermilion boy chose to set up a banana stand in his neighborhood this summer. Here’s the list of 2021 Northeast Ohio Fourth of July fireworks shows Making the deal all the sweeter, Crawford is selling the fruit … Read more

Michigan’s no-fault insurance reform cut money for rehab services; advocates say they’ll still fight

[ad_1] LANSING, Mich. — For months, advocates and survivors of catastrophic auto accidents fought against a no-fault auto insurance reform that cut money for certain specialized rehabilitation services. The new law took effect July 1 but advocates say the fight is long from over. No-fault insurance reform was meant to lower car insurance costs across … Read more

Money and Markets in Camelot

[ad_1] Detail of Edyrn with His Lady and Dwarf Journey to Arthur’s Court, 1867, by Gustave Doré. (Public Domain/Wikimedia) Charles Williams’s poem Taliessin Through Logres has a worthwhile lesson for readers. The passages of poetry presented below are taken from Taliessin Through Logres. It’s a long narrative poem set in King Arthur’s Camelot and written … Read more

How Much Banjo-Kazooie Notes Are Worth In Real Money

[ad_1] Banjo-Kazooie’s Notes are arguably one of gaming’s most recognizable currencies. But how much are Notes worth in terms of real-world money? Every classic platformer has its own take on currency. Mario has Coins, Sonic has Rings, and Banjo-Kazooie has Notes. Not “notes” as in the British term for currency, but “notes” in the musical sense. … Read more