Texas AFT :’I knew I needed an education’: Member’s daughter earns free degree with union benefit

Full-body photo of Christine, who is wearing a white wrap dress and standing on a wooden deck in front of a gazebo.

Publish Date: May 28, 2021 8:31 amAuthor: Texas AFT Christine Jones Christine Jones found the traditional college experience to be difficult with the lack of financial aid, the need to take on student loans, and the struggle of balancing a commute while working full-time. Then Hurricane Harvey came and halted her educational pursuits altogether. But … Read more

STD education, prevention needed in Florida

A clinic staff member draws a clients blood for a STD test on April 13 at the Daytona Outreach Center.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of programs that test for communicable diseases and help prevent their spread. These same lessons should be applied to sexually transmitted diseases, especially here in Florida. Five of the 30 cities with the highest STD rates per 100,000 people nationally are located in Florida, according to a recent … Read more

Roadmap needed to develop ‘clean’ auto industry

To develop electric vehicle industry, charging stations, batteries and reasonable prices are all needed. But an overall policy for these issues is not yet available in Vietnam, particularly battery waste disposal and treatment. Electric cars are cleaner than internal combustion engine cars (fueled by petrol and oil). This is considered a global solution to the … Read more

LGBTQ Advocates say education still needed after viral video

Alexis Sanchez, Director for Advocacy & Training at the Sacramento LGBT Center, says she’d want to protect kids from the type of verbal harassment seen in the video. SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A group of women was escorted out of the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel pool area in Sacramento over the weekend after allegedly complaining about a … Read more