How China’s patriotic education became one of the ‘longest successful propaganda campaigns’

Xi Jinping delivers a speech in front of red doors and a podium with a sickle and hammer.

Arthur Wang still remembers what his primary school teacher told him about the Chinese national flag. Key points: Patriotic education is compulsory in China It was introduced following the 1989 Tiananmen Square student protest Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to strengthen it further “If the flag falls on the ground, you must pick it up immediately,” … Read more

Historians question Texas’ push to promote ‘patriotic education’

Historians question Texas' push to promote 'patriotic education'

Historians worry that a pair of new state laws are “legislating history” and may suppress the teaching of key events. “The 1836 Project promotes patriotic education about Texas and ensures that the generations to come understand Texas values,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proclaimed earlier this month at a signing ceremony for House Bill (HB) 2497 — more commonly referred to … Read more