Leeds mum made redundant in pandemic launches sustainable kids clothing brand at White Rose

[ad_1] Maria Masud launched the Kool Kiddos kiosk at White Rose Shopping Centre on Saturday, after the success of her online store which launched earlier this year. The brand sells colourful clothing for children aged 5-10 with slogans around sustainability and saving the planet. Her second collection, Hoodify, will market children aged 12-15. Sign up … Read more

Richard Rose considering the new elite in higher education

[ad_1] The old elite universities are easily recognized by endowments in the tens of billions, gargantuan research budgets, and faculties boasting multiple Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners. Tiny acceptance rates add to their prestige. Stanford University accepted only 4.3% of its applicants in 2020. I have personally had the honor of being rejected by … Read more