Why Chinese Education Stocks Plummeted on Wednesday

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What happened Shares of Chinese education companies plummeted today following a report that the Chinese government is about to impose a variety of strict regulations on the sector. Fears and rumors have been swirling for months, rattling investors and weighing on Chinese education stocks. Additionally, Morgan Stanley downgraded some of the companies based on expectations … Read more

EV Suppliers Are Faring Well This Year. Which Stocks Should You Pick?

UKRAINE – 2021/05/04: In this Photo illustration an Aptiv logo is seen on a smartphone screen with a … [+] Delphi Corporation logo in the background. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Our theme of Electric Vehicle Component Supplier Stocks has done well this year, rising by … Read more

Not Buying Dividend Growth Stocks? Here’s How Much Money You’re Losing

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If you’re investing in a dividend stock that doesn’t raise its payouts regularly, you could be missing out on lots of potential income. That’s because over time, inflation will chip away at your returns. Collecting $1,000 in dividend income today could be the equivalent of just $817 in a decade (assuming an inflation rate of … Read more

Will life, general insurance stocks survive surge in Covid-19 death claims and taxes?

Pandemic-related issues hit general insurers harder than life insurers. Synopsis Life insurers paid out covid-related claims worth Rs 1,986 crore in 2020-21. In 2019-20—a normal year—aggregate death claims paid by life insurers stood at Rs 18,042 crore. The total death claims paid for in 2020-21 are not known yet, but numbers reported by individual insurers … Read more

5 Non-Tech Stocks Getting Hit by the Chip Shortage

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The chip shortage that intensified last year didn’t just spill over to 2021 but is getting worse. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), which was seemingly holding out against the shortage until now, expects supply constraints to hit its third-quarter revenue by $3 billion to $4 billion. Unprecedented demand for semiconductors has even caught leading manufacturer Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) off … Read more

Why Chinese Education Stocks Crashed Today

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What happened Shares of prominent Chinese education stocks have crashed today amid ongoing fears of a government crackdown on the sector. The market for private tutoring services has boomed in recent years, sparking concerns about the costs of raising children at a time when the Chinese government is attempting to encourage more people to have … Read more

4 Worst Performing Electric Vehicle Stocks in May

June 3, 2021 5 min read This story originally appeared on StockNews Electric vehicles stocks were the talk of the town last year with many hitting high double digit returns. This year, the industry has struggled to repeat that performance. Last month, for instance, many EV stocks such as Canoo (GOEV), GreenPower Motor Company (GP), … Read more

2 Auto Manufacturing Stocks to Buy in June, 2 to Avoid By StockNews

© Reuters. 2 Auto Manufacturing Stocks to Buy in June, 2 to Avoid As the global economy gradually gets back on track, sales of commercial and personal vehicles are expected to soar. However, given that the auto industry is currently hamstrung by a global semiconductor chip shortage, automakers have been forced to reduce production. While … Read more

Forget Dogecoin: These Stocks Can Triple Your Money

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History is pretty clear: When it comes to the top-performing investment vehicles, the stock market takes the crown. Stocks might not be the best-performing asset every year, but compared to gold, oil, housing, and bonds, none even comes close to the average annual total return of stocks over the very long run. However, the supremacy … Read more