Vivienne Westwood is singing in a new fashion film for her 80th birthday

Vivienne Westwood is singing in a new fashion film for her 80th birthday

Aries season is just around the corner, which means legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is celebrating another turn around the sun – and this planet is fortunate enough to have her wit, fearlessness and radical vision for the past 80 years. She celebrated her birthday and gave us a present in the form of a fashion film with her singing “Without You” by My beautiful wifealong with their political front and center.

The film called Don’t buy a bomb, was produced in collaboration with Circa and will be shown in Picadilly Circus, London. reported WWD. Obviously, the age has only strengthened Westwood’s advocacy for antiwar and climate justice, and she views the two as inextricably linked, linked to the destructive sides of uncontrolled capitalism. She urges her fans to reject modern accessories of this destruction such as bombs and cars. “Get a life!” She says.

In a note in a film, she writes: “I have a plan 2 to save the world. Capitalism is a war economy + war is the biggest polluter, therefore Stop War + Change Economy 2 at the same time a fair distribution of wealth. Stop arms production + that would stop climate change cc + financial crash. In the long run this will stop the war … by speaking, U will support me in battle. Someday you will say the right thing. 2 The right person at the right time, you make a difference. I’ve always combined fashion with activism: one helps the other. Maybe fashion can stop the war. “

Westwood has been committed to climate change for decades. Every week she updates an online diary on her website and writes passionately on topics such as how Corruption among government officials prevents green initiatives.

Her husband, co-designer Andreas Kronthaler, shares intimate photos of the couple’s domestic life and the still revolutionary personal style of Westwood, and urges followers to listen to activists’ warnings. you can see Don’t buy a bomb below.

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